Membership Benefits

We welcome new applications to our organization!

Your first step is to review the information on membership types, fees, requirements,

and classifications available on our About Membership & Fees page.

A collaborative community of counter-corruption networking professionals sharing views and experiences, and gaining guidance and knowledge from ICCCCI experts, to support you in your daily role and give you all the guidance and knowledge you need to achieve your career ambitions.

What's on the membership website?

  • Daily global law enforcement news summary to keep you informed and up to date
  • Career support and free mentoring to help you develop your career and skills
  • One stop shop for all organization products and services, plus exclusive member opportunities.

Organizational and individual membership of the ICCCCI gives access to numerous benefits including;

  1. Membership of a global network
  2. Receipt of a quarterly newsletter which contains reports of ICCCCI activities, announcements and articles of interest to  the global law enforcement
  3. Access to the members only areas of the education portal

And in particular:

  • Access to Global Law Enforcement E-Crime Network training materials and contacts
  • Access to the Justice Clearing House Education and contacts
  • Eligibility to participate in Annual and Regional Conferences
  • Opportunity to participate in the counter-corruption Investigators Exchange Programme
  • Opportunity to contribute to ICCCCI projects and activities
  • Opportunity to publish and distribute articles for Law Enforcement
  • Access to ICCCCI publications including Human Rights Manual for Prosecutors and Good Practice Guides
  • Discounted registration fees for selected international events and conferences
  • To join a worldwide Counter-corruption and Law Enforcement community and to support its growth actively.
  • Being a part of a worldwide network of prosecutors, with access to up-to-date information about developments in the field of criminal law.
  • Being a part of an influential voice that is shaping the future of the prosecutors around the world.
  • Belonging to the ICCCCI shows that I operate to a high standard of ethics and professional conduct.
  • A membership of the ICCCCI is the way forward in credentialing and regulating this wonderful profession.
  • Access to research on Counter-corruption and Law Enforcement matters and development opportunities within the global anti-corruption network.



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